Six Steps for Virtual Event Success

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Recommendations on how to maximise virtual opportunities and improve exhibitor and attendee experience.

At Grip, we believe in the power of bringing people together to advance their business goals and empower organisers to move markets forward faster. 

We do this by providing you with a powerful platform to engage exhibitors, visitors and all other audiences through connection and content.


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Powerful features to Accelerate Opportunities at Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Events

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Tim co-founded Grip in 2015 after starting his career in a leading app development agency and graduating with a BBA from the top Universities of Amsterdam and Hong Kong.  His passion for events came from working with his dad on big trade shows. Since then, with thousands of events under his belt, Tim is leading his teams in developing better event experiences every day on Grip.


CEO & Founder, Grip

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This white paper shares important insights gathered from hundreds of virtual events delivered on the Grip platform and provides recommendations and unique ideas for virtual event organisers.