How ANA ensured more networking and engagement at their events with Grip

Before the global pandemic struck, ANA was holding around 70 events a year. Grip began working with them in 2020 as the event industry moved online, and to date, Grip has supported 17 ANA events. Always looking to better their previous event, here’s how the ANA has adapted to the changing events landscape.

Virtual Events

Find out how ANA 
achieved new levels of engagement across 17 events

"In the past, our strategy was to live stream some of the events if they were oversubscribed, for example. But there was no opportunity for those people watching to network or interact, and that was something people began asking for," said Kristen McDonough, Senior Vice President of Conferences at ANA.

"As the global pandemic hit, the need to connect people was accelerated. And when we started working with Grip, they were able to act as the ‘Ballroom’ for our events. They enabled people to connect and be interactive."

"Grip gives us the option to continue with a hybrid events package, and I just can’t see us moving away from them in the future."

Kristen McDonough

Sr. Vice President of Conferences at ANA

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At Grip, we believe in the power of bringing people together to advance their business goals and empower organisers to move markets forward faster. 

We do this by providing you with a powerful platform to engage exhibitors, visitors and all other audiences through connection and content.


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